World Web Technology Plugin’s problems

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I installed your plug-in at several sites last night.

1. But it didn’t work anywhere. Unable to create product review.

When you install the plug-in, the plug-in has not been developed for product review.
–> We were unable to verify that the review was implemented properly, etc.

–> Also, the aggregate review page cannot be found page.

2. Sites became unstable after plug-in was installed. I had to delete it right away because there were some problems.

–> The plug-in must be stabilized

3. You sent three files.

(WooCommerce and Reviewer Customization/Reviewer/WooDiscuz – WooCommerce Comments)

We need a description of what each of them does.

4. And we don’t know why the WooDiscuz – WooCommerce Comments plug-in is included.

I first requested the development of a product review pull-in. And at your request, they said they could customize the reviewer plug-in and create the plug-in.
However, WooDiscuz – WooCommerce Comments are not a discussion at all.

–> I asked for a product review plug-in that works. I want a product review plug-in that works properly.
It’s not working right now.
–> You seem to have tried to implement the function by combining several plug-ins. But we didn’t agree on this. Moreover, it doesn’t work properly.

the menu disappears after plugin Install

World Web Technology Plugin's problems 1

Product review tab is disappered after plugin install

World Web Technology Plugin's problems 2

The capture image below is a phenomenon that occurs when you click on post on What the hell did you do?

The more I check your plug-in, the more errors I can detect.

World Web Technology Plugin's problems 3

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