Communication history with World Web Technology for plug-in development

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I signed a contract with your company to develop a WordPress plug-in in October 2019, but so far the development has not been going well.

You have declared that you will not carry out the contract, and are not proceeding with any further development.
Therefore, I request a refund of ****USD, 50% of the total development cost I paid.

  1. You’re not fulfilling the plug-in contract you promised at first.
  2. My client is losing a lot because you didn’t keep your promise. (My customer has postponed the service launch.)
  3. You claim that the first stage of development is complete. However,, where your development plug-in is installed, can cause serious problems, such as menu loss and product review tabs disappearing. And we can’t find any evidence that the rest of the functionality has been implemented.

I sent a claim letter to your company, Biz World Web Technology, on December 25, 2019. Refer to the attached PDF file for claim letters.

The person in charge later promised to develop the plug-in as contracted, but the development failed to proceed.
And you declared that you would not abide by the contract.

Nor have you proved that the first stage of development you claim is complete.

I ask you to refund ****USD as soon as possible.

The progress so far has been made as follows. And check the next link because it is too long.


I formally asked World Web Technology to develop a review plug-in. World Web Technology sent a welcome email.


I shared an Excel file with my development request by mail.


World Web Technology Inc. proposed the following under some conditions.
. Time Required: 8.5 Working days
. Cost: 1020 USD


I declined because the terms proposed by World Web Technology weren’t what I wanted. I asked for suggestions based on my requested specifications.


World Web Technology Inc. proposed the following under my terms.
. Time Required: 17.5 Working days
. Cost: 1600 USD


We dicided to 1500USD decided to proceed.
Invoices for 50% of the 10/10 development costs were issued.
10/11 I paid 50% of the development fee, $ 785.63.


World Web Technology Inc. decided to go ahead with the project and introduced team members. And I asked some questions. The task began in earnest.


Ddevelopers asked for wireframes to find out more specific specifications.


I arranged and shared wireframe at the request of developers.
Reviewer & Comments plugin planning V0.4 (20191015) .xlsx
Reviewer & Comments plugin planning V0.5 (20191015) .xlsx


This wireframe has changed slightly to share V0.6.


I shared V0.7 to explain Secret mode because they had a question about Secret mode.


We have defined aggregate pages in detail.
: The aggregate page displays all relevant reviews and comments.
. review aggregate page: shows user reviews of all products. I explained in the “review aggregate fireframe” sheet ‘.

. product Q & A comment aggregate page I explained in the "comments aggregate fireframe" sheet. . general Q & A comment aggregate page: This page is not related to the product, but prints general questions such as operation. This page is the same as described in the "comments aggregate fireframe" sheet. . secret mode aggregate page: A page that requires privacy or asks private questions. I explained in the "secret mode fireframe" sheet.


I asked for a review of the cardinal features. So we decided not to apply this feature after much discussion.


They has officially declared development to begin.


The development schedule was requested as follows:
1) Milestone 1-Delivered by 25 Nov 2019 *
2) Milestone 2’s test version delivery by 12 Dec 2019
3) Milestone 2 (Final Delivery)-Delivered by 16 Dec 2019


  • I logged on to the test site but found only an error message.


  • Developers said they will soon be able to share a test version. But I couldn’t check the test version on this day.


  • On this day, I was able to look at the test version. I shared the results of the first check with an Excel file.


I found the test version unsatisfactory overall. So so that most of the Reviewer plugin can be used to develop it more easily and increase its design maturity, I proposed using Reviewer plugin entirely to customize it. This adds the ability to correct and delete comments.

The developer strongly protested against the addition of my comment modification and deletion function. It claimed an additional 15 hours was needed to reflect these modifications.


I found that WordPress itself doesn’t offer the ability to correct and delete comments.
Therefore, I asked the developer to suggest the time and cost needed to add the comment correction and deletion function.


developers answered that adding new functions requires an additional 15 hours.

I asked for an extra 15 hours but there was no answer.


  • Developers have complained that we continue to add requests, and have also asked them to tell us what the final specifications we want.
  • I confirmed once again that the Excel file I shared was the final request.
  • The developer replied that he would review the Excel file that my proposal was compiled and let me know.
  • I shared the Excel file with the offer again.


No contact was made from the developer until the day. I asked the developer to give me a review of the answer.


  • The developer says that my requirements are not known exactly. The developer asks me to rearrange my requirements.
  • The developer doesn’t know my requirements exactly, but he is expected to add another 45 hours(675$).


  • I & my clent decide that we have no reason to accept devlopers proposal


  • I shared modified excel file


there are no answers to my requirements


Kalpesh raised the issue that an aggregate page was added.

2) Initially, There are 3 aggregate page
a) Review aggregate page
b) Comments aggregate page
c) Secret mode aggregate page

but now i see total 5 aggregate page
a) Review aggregate page
b) Product Q & A aggregate page
c) General Q & A aggregate page
d) Secret Q & A agrregate page
e) Post Comments agreegrate page


I explained that the first requirement was to create an aggregate page for all posts and reviews, which I explained enough in 10/22.


The developers insisted that 130 hours would be required for the final feature addition and that the cost would be 1,950 USD.


I sent a claim letter to your company, Biz World Web Technology. See attached PDF file for claim letter.


In your mail, If I pay the remaining 750 USD, you say you will proceed with the development.


Since your development plan was different from what I asked for, I asked you to clarify the scope of development.

In addition, I proposed an additional $300 and a 20% bonus for developing additional features.

2020, 1/1

You answered that you don’t need a bonus.
You did not respond to my request to confirm the scope of the development.


My client wanted to clarify the scope of the development before paying for it. So I sent a request mail asking for confirmation again.


My client made three requests because he wanted to know your company’s AS policy. This includes confirmation of the scope of development requested previously.

1) I want to hear the answer to the previous question.
2) I do not use Papal, and I will transfer money to your bank account as you require.
3) Please check your AS policy.


You answered your company’s AS policy but did not confirm the scope of development.


So I sent an e-mail to check the scope of development again.


I sent you a confirmation email because you didn’t reply.


I sent an e-mail to check the scope of development again.
And I informed you that I would send you the development cost on January 21.


I sent a confirmation request e-mail because I have to send the development cost after receiving your confirmed e-mail.


You have declared that you will no longer carry out the contract.


I asked you to refund 750 USD if you do not honor the contract.


You replied no refund because you sent me the code developed so far.
And you offered to install it on my site.


I replied that the development site you created was missing, and that the first stage of development was not done properly.
And I urged you to fulfill your reservation as promised.


I gave you access information (account, password) on my customer site.
You said you would install a development version on my client site to date.

I asked you to prove that the promised first stage development was completed properly.

On Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 9:04 PM Kalpesh WorldWeb ****** wrote:

I have divided the project into 2 milestones so that once we complete 50% development then you can check the progress. I will update you once we complete 50% of the project

1) Milestone 1 – Delivered by 29 Dec 2019

  • WordPress classic editor with the multimedia upload function
  • When reviewing a product, it supports a multiple criteria function that can evaluate multiple items.
  • Review aggregate page with filter and search options
  • Review aggregate page with write a review functionality
  • Moderation for user review(same as native WordPress comments)
  • Widget
  • Readers can “Recommend” comments in the review
  • Anonymous commenting (same as native WordPress comments)
  • Ability to break up long comments with a “Read More” button
  • Load more button
  • Flag function

2) Milestone 2 (Final Delivery) – Delivered by 16 Dec 2019

  • Comments aggregate page
  • Comment sorting by “Best”, “Newest”, “Oldest”
  • Email notice
  • Secret mode
  • Google reCaptcha support
  • Integration with Reward & Point plugin
    SUMO Reward Points-WooCommerce Reward System

So far, your company has failed to prove the first stage of development.

You claim that the first stage of development is complete. However,, where your development plug-in is installed, can cause serious problems, such as menu loss and product review tabs disappearing. And we can’t find any evidence that the rest of the functionality has been implemented.

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